Project Outputs

Output 1: Systematic Evidence Review

Evidence review and analysis of the methods, design and health and wellbeing outcomes of therapeutic approaches and surf interventions for adapted surfing programs, including the identification of best practices.

The result will be a report that will inform the subsequent development of a methodology tailored to the needs of adapted surfers and surf instructors. .

Output 2: Design of an Evidence-based Framework 

This will inform the design of an educational framework that will include recommendations for surfing programs for people with physical and / or sensory disabilities.

Output 3: Pilot Implementation and Final Conclusions

Finally, the evidence-based educational framework will be piloted to test the efficacy and sustainability. This will help create a ‘bottom-up’ approach for delivering adapted surf programs, co-created with and informed by participants.

A final report will discuss the results, including if and how participation impacted participant’s health and wellbeing, and to determine the long-term benefits of such a program.