The Regional Society of Education, Culture and Sports is a public entity in charge of carrying out the technical and economic tasks necessary for the development of cultural and sports programs in Cantabria. Its mission is to develop the actions in these fields assigned to it by the Regional Ministry of Universities, Equality, Culture and Sports.

Its work combines political research, applied research and information services of relevance to political leaders, foundations, sports associations, cultural companies, media professionals and artistic organizations. Its team is multidisciplinary and has more than a decade of experience in developing projects that support its work as a coordinator.

Specifically, the SRECD carries out the following tasks :

The organization and production of sports events, the management of sports facilities, programs to promote sport and its practice, its dissemination and the development of inclusive activities linked to sports practice.

Likewise, it encourages the promotion of small companies which contribute to the sustainable development of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria, in the areas of action of the Society, among them the sports ones.

At the same time, it carries out the drafting, updating and execution of plans and programs for the sustainable development of the Autonomous Community in the areas of action of the Society, such as sports.

Finally, as a public entity, it collaborates directly with the Directorate General for Sport of the Government of Cantabria, being a public company at its service.